Suite 127

Tuesday – Saturday: 10:00 AM-7:00 PM by appointment only


Namaste Nail Sanctuary

An ultra-zen environment for nail care and relaxation

Namaste | Nail Sanctuary is the first-and-only nail services concept intended to ignite and induce “the relaxation effect” while delivering experiential, artisanal nail care.

Within Namaste’s walls you will find Zen architecture, soft lighting, stone fountains, serene colors, moss art and walls, relaxing audio, ultra-comfortable custom seating, privacy draping, personal flat screen TVs with noise-cancelling headphones, 3-zone air purification systems, and a variety of premium nail polish brands – all combined with ultra-hygienic nail care services, cutting edge techniques, courtesy custom blended tea offerings and clean business practices. The sanctuary has just eight to ten chairs, uncommonly far apart, and separated by privacy draping. The result is an environment that’s both exclusive and intimate.

Additionally, guests have the option of using our meditation guidance headsets– audio and visual programming which use light and sound pulses at specified frequencies to help the user relax quickly and reach a variety of beneficial states of consciousness and relaxation. The Boca Raton location at Boca Center is the first Namaste location in Florida. Visit today to learn more about Namaste’s cost savings membership plans and a la carte menu of services.

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