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Panera Bread at Boca Center

Freshly baked goods, soups, salads and sandwiches

At Panera Bread at Boca Center, we care about the simple things: freshly baked breads, attention to detail, a warm place to gather and our local neighborhoods. That’s why our bakers spend their nights baking breads in stone deck and convection ovens before we open our doors each morning. This overnight effort ensures that everything from your morning bagel to your late-afternoon sandwich is baked fresh, that same day. We apply this same dedication to all of our café items, from fresh, crisp salads with unique flavor combinations, to our savory selection of soups and sandwiches. At the end of each day, we donate unsold bakery products to the community and then start all over again.Read more

Panera Bread
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Quiet Sunday lunch. Not sure why it took so long but the order was not correct. Sent back 2 of the 3 meals. Assistant Manger was jovial in remaking the...

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1 week ago

Panera Bread

Here’s to mom, who always gave you the first sip. Who’s your #PaneraDate this Mother’s Day? ... See MoreSee Less


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So, I went online on Friday morning and ordered AND PAID for Mother’s Day bagels, thinking by ordering early I would get the bagels I want and no wait. WRONG!!!!!! Evidentally there weren’t enough fingers and toes available to put my order together!!! When picking up was told “sorry, we didn’t have enough french toast bagels to complete you order”. Do you not know how to count or plan your orders?? It’s not like I called or walked in on Mother’s Day and expected you to have what I wanted...hence ordering in ADVANCE! Oh...manager told me I could come back tomorrow and get French Toadt bagels 😱😱😱😱. Is that what I tell my guests?? THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME DISAPPOINT MOM’S ON MOTHER’S DAY!! 😡😡😡😡

Why did you send this to me three days late, Facebook algorithm? I might've actually tried to meet my mom at Panera. You cost them a sale at a place I actually like and follow and have followed for years, while sending me ads that don't relate to me at all constantly.

Hey Panera Bread, dont take my money and order just to turn around and say you cant fulfill it.

Hey Panera- Thanks for ruining our mother’s day for me. Planned ahead to place catering order pick up, super happy it was going to be a one stop days and be able to head to my grandmas to celebrate. Order a ton of croissants from your website, you catering website, pay, think everything is great- get a call at 7:30am Sunday morning - Panera doesn’t sell croissants and hasn’t sold them in years... WTF?!?!?

Hi Panera Bread, this is my original image from Instagram, and I wasn't given credit for it either there or here.

So we went to Panera on Mother’s Day for lunch. But when my husband went to the bathroom to change our baby’s diaper in the Plant City, FL location, he couldn’t because there was no changing table in the men’s room. This was ironic and also disappointing.

First I asked what was on the Italian sandwich and the cashiers eyes rolled to the back of her head. I asked for no mayo, here is the sandwich with mayo. I brought it to their attention, but my husband had already eaten his sour tasting tuna fish. So I declined the new sandwich and got money back. Won’t ever get husband to go back!

So I’m not the only one who has had an awful experience with Panera! Ordered early today for a delivery at 12:30pm. It’s not even much. It’s a boxed lunch for 5 people. It’s 5 sandwiches! They called me a half hour later telling me the earliest they can deliver is 1:30pm or I can just pick up the order. When asked how they’re going to refund their $15 delivery fee plus the tip, they said that I’ll have to cancel the whole order and order everything again. I don’t remember the name of the girl I was talking to, but she didn’t apologize for the inconvenience and her tone was actually quite rude. What a hassle and a waste of time! I ordered from Jason's Deli (Evansville, IN) instead. They never disappoint and their staff are easily more professional and courteous.

My daughter Tara

what just happened?! i got my un-environmentally friendly salad in a plastic container! what happened to the paper box?!

My mom, second year we stopped in Panera’s on Mother’s Day for coffee and pick two’s 😍

LOVE this place! Was over the border on Saturday. Got a discount because it was my birthday! Food was great so were the folks

Hard to order any food from my location when they won’t even answer the phone. I’ve called 3 times with no answer, fix this Panera Bread!

My Mom!

Best broccoli soup tuna sandwich on the baguette

One of the mangers told me this was normal for the pulled chicken well that’s Disgusting

My husband & sons

Portions are small for what you pay for...AND, by the way, the Lancaster, Ca location is filthy, the whole diningroom needs attention!! Sorry Panera!!

Destiny Holguin

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2 weeks ago

Panera Bread

Panera delivery coming in hot! Order delivery today and get a free cup of soup.

Just add your favorite cup of soup to your cart and enter code PANERADELIVERS. Learn more at
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Please reduce the amount of sodium in your soups!

$3.00 delivery fee where I live, says it doesn’t go to the driver. Tip driver at least $5. That’s delivery for $8 which is about what your meal would cost. Not worth it.

They must need to make up for the free deliveries yesterday cause ether charged $3.00 per peraoon for delivery when our group of 7 placed an order today for lunch!! I guess we need to look elsewhere for our lunches!!! Ridiculous!!! And to the manager set who offered cookies next time we order, I can't eat sugar!!

This is not a good place to eat everything comes froze like soup Mac and cheese ect they make people think they make it they don't .eww I worked there company in my town very rude to work with.

Still boycotting since you won't acknowledge that you had a data security issue/breach, went unfixed for 9 months after it was reported, and have not addressed it to the public and apologized. You have lost my trust and business.

What a joke tried to order and the promo word is invalid.

I love Kale, but their portions are skimpy!!

Ate at Panera in Bee Cave, TX today. What a disappointment! Not at all like is used to be. The soup had MSG and I had a bad reaction. The flavored tea was all water and the 1/2 sandwich had a little meat and maybe 8 sprigs of arugula. And to top it off, NO shortbread cookies to make up for the aweful!!! Gave my daughter a rotten apple and my granddaughter ate KRAFT macaroni and cheese....Not Organic! We paid $32.00 for this horrendous meal and the place was filthy to boot. Corporate better do a check on this establishment! Last time I will ever eat there!!!

Ordered for pickup and received the wrong Salad. Too much unrecognizable greens and leaves. The bottom of the Salad bowl had a ton of leaves, not sure what they were so I didn't eat them. Got some half sandwiches that were badly put together too. Used to like them but not anymore. Also too expensive.

I had my hopes up but not available in my area.

I was at Panera a few weeks ago in West Melbourne, Florida.The same thing happened to me. I ordered a BOWL of soup and got probably one scoop of soup. I love their soup and was totally disappointed. I probably would have gotten more if I ordered a cup.

My new keyboard has an excellent feature. Relief from those annoying Panera ads.

You disappointed me, I don't know how to feel about this! Tried to buy GC, couldn't do it! Hope you get that fixed!

Yeah no thanks. The Panera closest to us has gotten extremely stingy with their servings and prices don’t reflect the amount we are served. Staff has a poor attitude when you ask for things. And with “bread” as part of their company name, they sure give you poor servings when you pay an extra 75¢ (I’m talking a size smaller than the plastic fork). I messaged them and all I got was “oh sorry to disappoint.” 🙄 I’ll make my own broccoli cheese soup and get a baguette from Publix that tastes just as good.

Just go over to your closest Panera Restaurant. The ambience is good, the service is terrific and the food is to die for!!! I love Panera! (but I always go over in person. That way I am there to correct any mistakes someone might have mistakenly made!❤️😊😋

Delivery is a JOKE!!! we are 1.1 miles down the road and they won't deliver. And trying to speak to the manager is an even bigger disappointment when you do the rapid pick up, and then to get back to the office to find they wrapped the sandwiches in the wrong wrappers, and EVERYONE got to touch EVERYONE's sandwiches!!! WORST experience to date!! It's a shame because the food was actually good, but I don't think we will be ordering/picking up again because of the lack of pride taken in our order!!!

Watched my neighbor order Panera and had it delivered and so of course I wanted to try this out. I put my address in and it doesn't deliver to my house? Yet the guy right beside me can. And I've tried numerous times still nothing

Ahh, we tried to order delivery today only to find out that 1) our local Panera (Panera Bread doesn't have broccoli cheddar soup today (WHAT. On free soup day?! That's practically blasphemous.) and then 2) After attempting to order something different, the order gave us an error multiple times. 🙁 No Panera Bread for us today.

At different Panera couple of times a week. Experience today in Pembroke not good. Person staffing the register (green shirt) had long social conversation with friend while line of customers waited. 😞

Um Elizabeth McMichael why are we in Utah I don’t understand why do we live so far away from panera

OMG, Getting free soup, what a pain! PANERADELIVERS has to be all caps! The free soup is a cup. What an annoying & cumbersome ordering site! I am thankful it finally worked since I get reminders for online ordering, but every other food delivery site works better.

Please open a Panera's in Olean, NY. We need you. BTW, I absolutely love your cheddar broccoli soup (pictured). One of my go to lunches when I worked in Darien, CT.

Panera doesn't deliver to my house.

All I want is the flavored cream cheese to return. 😔

Panera's broccoli soup is the best, I've tastes many.

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1 month ago

Panera Bread

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What gives with the new plastic containers for salads? I’m sure you like to think people will recycle, but that’s wishful thinking at best. Plus it dropped the serving size....

Goodness Panera such a lot of unhappy patrons, and zero response from you. It's sad because when you started it was just what the world needed, quick good food, but now you're too big for your britches. Change back.....u can do it.....just stop caring about the know like you did before when you started and didn't have any

Will not ever go to a Panera again my chicken chipotle avocado melt was so nasty 🤢 had tasted like can chicken which only had a very small amount of it and my avocado was black like why would this nasty sandwich be $7 besides it’s so small it’s nasty 🤢. I really feel like u should get me money back

Is that romaine on the sandwich? Pandemic level e coli outbreak, and your PR response is radio silence. Looking forward to your Chapter 11.

ugh. one of the reasons I dislike getting to go orders, I only get half the serving I would when I’m in the store - at least that’s what it feels like. this is a lentil quinoa bowl, I got half a bowl’s worth, IF that. it’s just disappointing. 😐

So disappointed at the Columbia, md location. The customer service has continuously been terrible and the people there today were super rude. The also forgot to pack my child’ meal

Panera doesn't care about their customer complaints and their "Customer Care" doesn't want to deal with them either. The WORST company ever! I hope you don't ever have an issue with their management because they know they can completely disregard their customers and "Customer Care" doesn't do a thing about it.

The Panera Bread In Conshohocken, PA is horrible and I will never give them my business again. I contacted corporate and was assured the store manager would be in contact. This was two weeks ago, and have yet to receive a response from the manager of the Conshohocken store. I was served the salad pictured below. This is a picture of the salad as it was served. I didn’t mix it or anything. I paid $11 for a full size salad and got what looks like a half portion, sloppy, and drenched in dressing and lacking fresh ingredients. The employees at this branch were very rude and I did not receive my money back for my purchase. I left very unsatisfied which is unfortunate because Panera was a go-to for me and my family at least once a week.

Get to Panera this morning 5/6/18 in Minot ND to pick up my soufflé order at 7 am for my mom's 60th Birthday and surprise they do not have my order and no record of anyone taking it down yesterday and they do not have any made. My mom's absolute favorite and it will take 1/2 hour for them. Go back to pick them up & ask for the manager & he is nowhere to be found. The cashier says he's probably in the bathroom (hiding I'm sure) and does not offer to have someone go look for him instead asks if I want a free pastry!!! What customer service!!! If this was Fl or Ga the order would have been comped & ready and waiting at least to the ones I've been going to for years..high quality price but no high quality service. They need some retraining on customer service. I've been in customer service for over 10 years, I can definitely teach a course. Do what's right for the customer, train & retrain, hold employees accountable, take action, follow up on complaints....I can go on & on. So very disappointed

Any plans on fixing the massive data breach for online account users??? "Panera Bread exposed the personal information of 37 million customers over a period of at least eight months, according to security researcher Brian Krebs. The bakery-cafe chain purportedly leaked the names, emails, addresses, birthdates, and last four digits of credit card numbers for every customer who signed up for an account to order Panera Bread online. The company briefly took its ordering portal offline to resolve the issue, but security researchers say the data is still accessible."

The 'new plastic containers' are almost impossible to recycle with the loss of the Chinese market for plastics. I'm disappointed in Panera....definitely going the wrong direction if they care about 'clean food'.

Awful service at Panera!! From missing ordered items almost 100% of the time to a district manager never calling me as I was told by customer service. I think Panera is going downhill- fast! 😢

Would love it if Panera offered a gluten free option like Schlotskys, you can get any sandwich there with gluten free buns/bread !

I will never eat at Panera again.... Service is horrible,cant get anyone to answer the phone and they don't respond to their messages...

I was so disappointed today. The Fuji apple chicken salad is a favorite of mine, and I decided to treat myself to one. I brought it home, opened it up, and NO CHICKEN! I was not close enough to go back and get it fixed. A chicken salad with no chicken??? And the salad itself has gotten much smaller since the last time I got one. I will probably not go back anytime soon, if at all.

I wanted to send an email in but the website doesn’t give me that option. I wanted to mention how disappointed I was in the chocolate chip cookies. I stopped in the Abingdon, MD location Friday the 20th in the morning. I picked up 4 of these and they were so hard. I couldn’t finish mine and I gave 3 to coworkers they didn’t say anything about theirs but I’m sure it was hard too. They definitely didn’t give me the fresh ones that were out on display.

My wallet was stolen from the Panera Bread in Plymouth, MN. Second time this has happened there within a week - the officer t of me and the manager, Jake. Watch out patrons. Only camera in the store is pointed to the registers. Really?

A lot of your bowls are now quinoa so you’re kind of out of luck if you don’t like quinoa. Please consider bringing back the Thai wonton soup. Diversity and inclusion.

Today I ate at a Panera Bread for the first time in about 18 months. The food is always delicious to say the least however someone in upper management had to make a decision to use those new type of bowls you all have which is a deception with the small bottom with a wide top to make it look like you're getting a whole lot but you put actually a whole lot less product making the price you pay for the food you buy a low value. Because I witnessed with my own eyes the deceptive practice of deceptive shaped bowls so that you could put less product and charge the same amount proves to me that you are a deceptive company. Who wants to do business with deception? Not me. Your food is not that good to go in and continue to be Hoodwinked by your deception. I will never eat at Panera Bread again I was thoroughly disappointed at the portion size I received today after what I've been getting for the last few years of eating there because of the new shape of your bowls. You all should be ashamed of yourselves

Dear Panera Bread Your quality is going downhill while your prices go up. The bagels are thin and hard and your counter people are poorly trained and don’t listen. Last 5 visits = 4 significant order mistakes. We’ll somewhere else to go. Suggest taking a close look at quality assurance in the Mt Juliet, TN location.

WOW!!!! Disappointment & disgust seems to be the majority of the posts for Panera. So the San Marcos, CA cafe isn't the only one that sucks! I will cheer at your cafes closing. Panera SUCKS!!!!!!

Terrible experience in Columbia Hights Washington, your people wouldn’t help us, we ordered through the tablet n there wasn’t any cups to serve ourselves, there was no hot water for tea and no one would listen. You SHOULDNT ask for the tip before the client gets attention. We paid tip and NO ONE helped us!!!

Just visited Little Rock location #2856 and had a terrible experience. Filthy bathrooms, rude, slow service. Ordered a bagel to go, no one else in line and it took 10 minutes to receive! Also, employee scratching her head/hair just prior to getting food🤢 Disgusting!!

Took four hours and several phone calls before we got our food which was wrong . Then we were promised it would be free and then they charges the card. Promised pastries that we never got. Never again!

I had the most terrible experience at your location in the arboretum in Charlotte North Carolina. Not only did my order took more than 15 mins but also what I ordered was completely incorrect and missing from my bag. Travelled home to eat and had to return to the store to have it corrected. Only a refund for PART of the order was given with no consideration for the length of time I had to wait initially as well as having to return a second time to have it corrected. Attendant was also very nonchalant about the issue and showed no courtesies. Completely dissatisfied.

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1 month ago

Panera Bread

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Hey Panera... thanks for changing to “scrambled” eggs instead of your poached and fully cooked eggs. I LOVE it when I watch workers pour my “fresh” eggs out of a milk carton. Gross.

They were great...until they changed to over easy eggs, which drip all over when you try to eat the sandwich. For the record, I love over easy eggs...when I eat them with a fork. #menuredesignfail

Hate that they took away the breakfast sandwiches that don't have runny yolk mess...used to get their egg and cheese ciabatta sandwiches multiple days a week for on the go eat with no mess breakfasts for work and kids' activities. Not everyone has time to sit down with knife and fork to eat this messy new version. Panera is no longer our go to breakfast place!

LOOKS NICE but what do you really get besides good bread? I am a 68 yr. old Grandma who worked hard all day at a cancer support center, then picked up my 7 yr. old grandson and took him to his Karate lesson, and then took him home. Now time for me - dinner - where? Ah, hot soup and 1/2 sandwich at Panera! To go! I ordered Frontega chicken. I’ve had it before but never like this! I have celiacs disease so I removed the bread. I didn’t expect that a tablespoon of shredded chicken would constitute a half sandwich! The receipt said: “Accuracy matters. If your order is not right, please let a manager know.” I called and told the manager what I received. She said: “That’s strange” (in a doubtful voice) and “well, can you come back and we can replace the sandwich?” This Grandma just made it home on a cold winters day - I was not going out into the cold for a HALF SANDWICH! I told her no. “Well, I SUPPOSE we could put you on our customer courtesy log and when you come in again, we can deduct the cost.” How generous! No thanks, Panera! For $9.09 I got soup and very little else. So very disappointed!

Yuck. Tried to get the new scrambled egg sandwich from Panera Bread... It was cold and congealed. Cheese not melted, not even near the egg. The bun was even burned on top. Really gross.

What is happening here? I've been a loyal customer for many, many years! And recently, everytime I come in, there's been changes to the food/menu. The tuna sandwich on honey wheat has been my "go to" and one of my favorites on the menu. However, ordered one today and it looked like this! Not the tuna I am used to getting. This "New" sandwhich has barely any tuna, pickled onion, cucumber and arugala? Yuck! Very disappointed....😔🤢 I love Panera, but I get the feeling I won't be a customer much longer....

I just went and purchased bagels and cream cheese, and was told you no longer carry your amazing whipped, flavored cream cheeses and the only thing I could get was this crap. WHY Panera, WHY? That was 80% of why I even bought you're bagels or shopped there. Otherwise, I'd just purchase the asiago cheese bagels and Philadelphia cream cheese at Costco. Please Panera, tell me I got the wrong information and this is just temporary. I posted this to my FB page to see if anyone else was getting this horrible news. You're cream cheese is one of the products that really made you special and made you stand out. I'm baffled by this. 😔

Just had brioche breakfast sandwich..totally not worth the 5 dollars I just paid for it. I was so disappointed. The sandwich looked nothing like the commercial. Very sad and disappointing.

Our Paneras are out of cream cheese. Why?

I really do like the food at Panera bread. Not so much the price but the food is good. But my biggest pet peeve about Panera is the rewards program. It really burns me up to spend somewhere around $30 or more to turn around and get a measly one dollar off and espresso drink! This rewards program leaves a lot to be desired!

How do You serve customer with burnt bread

This is the quality at the Wentzville, MO location. I guess I'm lucky to even get egg my husband didn't even get an egg.

Hello! Today I was ordering two sandwiches at the drive thru at Panera Apopka Vineland Orlando and my car would not start. Right there, at the drive thru booth...The employees came outside to help me, they tried everything and nothing worked. So I had to call AAA and I had to wait for a tow truck. I would like to thank everyone for being so helpful and understanding. They went above and beyond to help me and they even gave me my sandwiches for free...Thank you all so much and sorry for all your trouble!

Was totally shocked with the price I just paid for lunch of a pick 2 soup and sandwich with regular tea today. Almost $13 for a small soup bowl and 1/2 sandwich is totally ridiculous. Panera Bread has consistently increased prices and now has become a luxury that I cannot afford!!

Hey, Panera Bread. Firstly, I’d like to say that I love your restaurants! Today though, My sister Caylee Rapp and I just had an unfortunate experience at your Tacoma Mall (Tacoma, WA). We both ordered bowls of different soups. Upon receiving our food, we both noticed that we had both received bowls of soup that were very lacking in portion. Both were at least 1/3 less than the usual portions. My sister ordered the low fat chicken noodle, and hers was mainly broth. She had a few broken noodles at the bottom, and a couple carrots. Upon asking your staff about the portions, and asking for them to fill it to where it should be, they rudely replied that it was the correct portion, and they wouldn’t do anything to help. After walking away, I could hear the two women talking behind the counter and laughing about the situation. I’m never the one to complain in public forums, but I felt very mistreated, and this was an extremely unusual experience for me at your restaurant. I would greatly appreciate your help with this unpleasant experience. Please contact me via messenger. Thank you.

Used to love Panera but since moving to Richmond VA I have been so disappointed with their quality. Don't know if it is just the stores here or a general trend. I ordered delivery today at work and it was over 10 mins late...not a big deal but I the terrible part came after the driver left and I opened my food. This was the Frontega chicken sandwich I received. This sandwich is $5.39! It was not big enough to be half...more of a little sandwich "wedge." I asked to add cucumbers and there were two tiny cucumber chunks. Luckily I had also ordered turkey chili, which was delicious, but all they had to do was heat that up so I guess they couldn't go wrong. Including delivery and top, I paid over $15 for this sandwich and a cup of chili.

So sad. Black avocado. Won't come back to this panera.

Is it true that you aren't bringing back cream cheese? An employee told a friend of mine that you aren't searching for a new vendor to replace the cream cheese & won't be selling it anymore.

Went to panera for lunch today. Ordered a half salad with extra dressing. I come home to find no dressing at all. Never again.

The new breakfast sandwiches are amazing. I get the over easy egg with bacon, and it's the bomb. I find it funny that so many people are complaining about the runny egg. Did you know that you can choose between over easy and scrambled? I bet if you ask nice enough, they would even be willing to do an over medium or over hard egg.

So disappointed in your company. I applied for a fundraiser for our school on January 4th and never heard back within the promised 10 business days. Then I called yesterday to find out why the lack of customer service and left a message and I have yet to hear back from your company. Our school will be utilizing local companies and other chain restaurants that actually take the time to give back to their community and take the time to respond like Chick-fil-A and Freddy's. Our school is known for bringing in quite a bit of money at these events but we will be taking that money elsewhere

Dear Panera bread I have heard many great things about your restaurants mission and fresh food I finally went to Panera at Woodburn oregon We must say although the food was pretty good and the front counter service was pleasant, the rest of the experience was a disaster. We placed a Togo order and were seated waiting in on the couch You r screen prompted us to our order being ready We went to get the order and I was shocked to see the final prep We ordered a toasted bagel with butter The butter practically frozen in plastic wrapped cubes was tossed into the back with a plastic knife My brioche(warm sand which was sitting in a bag getting cold, I ask for my latte and the manager comes by and says our order was bumped so here I am holding a brioche sandwich and a bagel with rock hard butter waiting for a latte We decided to eat in since we didn’t want the food to get cold My wife took her bagel back to be properly buttered and they told her they couldn’t because of health code issues. Needless to say I was now really disappointed On my way out I told the manager he would be interested in our review of the location. My biggest confusion is how a company that flaunts it’s humanity can prefer to use disposable plastic butter containers plastic knife and an unnecessarily large brown paper bag What a carbon footprint you are leaving behind Very disappointed

I absolutely love Panera! I have been a loyal customer for years. This morning I tried to order my favorite breakfast sandwich (Asiago bacon, egg and cheese) for rapid pick up. I couldn’t find it, on the online menu and it seemed like it had been replaced by a different bread : ( The employees, at my local Panera, in New Milford CT, had been making it special for me, for months at the drive thru and I didn’t even know it! Love those guys : ) I tried the new sandwich and it’s very bland. I can actually make those at home. So not worth it, especially for $5.00!!! I’m extremely disappointed. Please put it back on the menu.

Well, I'm done with Panera. I went in to check my loyalty program data. Fixed a phone number. Added a phone number. Still would not take my number this morning. I don't have this kind of time - this is the last extra time in my life I'm taking with this place. Plus, you made the breakfast sandwich, which was my go to, switch to a runny egg. I know there are people who like raw egg dripping down their sandwich (and their shirts), but there ought to be an option for the same kind of fully cooked fried egg (not scrambled) you used to have. My office only caters lunches for meetings from Panera. I'm going to start bringing my own. Done. Finis.

I should make clear - this is both my favorite breakfast place (I'm there most Saturdays, and at least three times every vacation week I have (and i have 7 weeks) and my very favorite breakfast sandwich from ANY food place, lol.

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3 months ago

Panera Bread

Hey lovebirds! If you get engaged at a Panera tomorrow, we might cater your wedding . . For free.

Click for official terms and conditions:
#ValentinesDay #VDay #PaneraProposalSweeps
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$8 + tax for a tiny sandwich with barely any chicken in it. Last visit to Panera for me!

I have to say, I am a huge Panera fan. I have never posted on here before with a complaint. With that being sad, this was the cherry pastry I received today with my Rapid Pick-Up order. I didn't notice until I left and was already back at work. My 6 year old is going to be so bummed when he sees his special treat is lacking the BEST PART.. the part that makes it a "cherry" pasty! Grrrr. Disappointing.

When you ask why your chicken frontera has less than an ounce of chicken and they say that's how they always do it... Jesus Christ the lady was rude and acted like I was trying to get something for nothing. The frontegas I normally order have 3 times the chicken. Are you guys cutting back now?

Who would want Panera to cater their wedding? If someone wants subpar food that is over priced I can make 10 dollar PB&J’s thrown together with the utmost IDGAF skill. Panera your food sucks, no one is going to want this.

BEWARE!! We received used food in our to-go order 🤢 Opened dripping cream cheese. And no return call to settle.

I’m a regular at Panera, but every time I order online they always mess my order up. It’s come to the point where I don’t even want to buy from that place. Like how many times do I have to call the manager to say that I’m missing something from my order?????. Why do they even bother checking my order off if it’s obvious they really didn’t check or they would of notice something was missing???? Makes no dam sense. But today top it off. Like this is what I pay for? My grilled cheese looking like this.....unacceptable !!!!!!

Panera, I was in there Thursday. My family & I are there. Imagine my surprise when the next day I checked my account, only to find that you had charged me 3 times for the same meal! I called you Friday evening. You promised to call me back today, but no phone call! Your food is good, but not $75 good. Can I please, have my refund of $50.90?

Hopefully you don’t get a wimpy sandwich like this!!!!!!

Nothing says romance like broccoli cheddar soup, am i rite??

I got engaged at Panera. I met my husband there. He was the catering director and I was a line cook. Will you cater our dinner😁

marriage is a sacred institution not to be taken lightly but also I would 100% find someone to propose to me so I could get panera mac and cheese at my wedding

I’m still waiting on a refund from 2/18/2018 I filed a second request on this refund on 3/19/2018 and I am still without the refund. This is ridiculous Panera!

Panera I love this idea but how to keep people from abusing it is the question. I know some people at my stores location who would fake getting married just for the free food and gifts.

I met my boyfriend when we both worked at Panera hahah but I dont think he would ever do this

My daughter and I love Panera bread but H’ville Road is too hectic for us! Will you be considering Weaverville as a future home for Panera ? ... We would love a Panera is our cozy town!

Say hypothetically that someone's last name AND anniversary coincide with Valentine's Day... could it be an anniversary party catering? 😉

My first date with my, now husband, was at Panera Bread. We got permission from the corporate office to use the Panera Bread logo on little cards we attached on bagels and jelly gift bags we gave to our wedding guests as they left the reception. On the card I wrote the following poem: "Panera was the place of our very first date, it was love at first sight and we knew it was fate. Please enjoy the jellies and bagels made of bread, thank you for joining us today, the day that we wed." We hoped our guests would be thinking of us the next morning as they enjoyed breakfast. We go back to Panera Bread every year on the anniversary of our first date to the same location in Camp Hill, PA. We love Panera Bread!

But why is a turkey bacon avocado sandwich made with turkey chunks instead of slices of turkey .......... and why is the turkey so cold it’s almost frozen .. Panera Bread Panera Bread

Sara Moyer will you marry me? 😂 lets go to Panera haha

Can you imagine doing this at Albany panera lmfao Joshua

Jindy Mann Lmao meet me at Panera foo!! We’ll eat everything ourselves 😂

Amanda Peables, Shauna Painter.. we should all get engaged here tomorrow, since this is where we fell in love 😍😂😂 Tomato Soup and extra Croutons for all!!

Stacey Syperski Propose to me and we can demand Tomato Mozzarella Panini's to be catered at our wedding!!

Madison Rae Reineke ok can we make this happen for free panera

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5 months ago

Panera Bread

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New breakfast sandwiches are gross. I never leave comments about stuff like this, but Panera used to have the BEST breakfast sandwiches. The scrambled eggs taste like dirty tub water, and nobody wants an over easy egg for a sandwich. There was green gunk on the bottom of my roll. Looked like maybe some kind of soup or something. Increasing prices with decreasing quality.

Ok so I ordered a Bacon Turkey Bravo. What is this? I ordered it to take home. I got this “sandwich” at the Panera in League City. Come on Panera........ maybe some quality control is in order.

I ordered a tuna sandwich to go. After I got home there were three giant purple onions that smelled so bad they got trashed. Then there was this runny tuna stuff on thin white bread that also got trashed. Panera's, what's wrong. I used to be a regular customer, but lately its gotten worse with orders and service inside your stores. Wasted more money at Panera's today.

“We cannot make a fried egg, only over easy, because of our equipment “ What?? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard....

Here is my “salad” I paid $3.99 for literally 1 leaf of lettuce. The dressing container is taller than the lettuce and you can see the bottom of the container. SUPER disappointed and it was to go so I didn’t see it until I was back at work.

Had the soba noodle Edamame broth bowl today. Soooo yummy and perfect on a frigid N.E. Ohio wintry day!! Even got another bowl to take home. Do people know it is gluten free noodle? So darn impressively healthy. I asked for a fork to twirl noodles on that big spoon

This was my sandwich at the Whitehall Commons Panera. Great, huh? I won't be eating there again.

I wonder why restaurants are unable to maintain standards. Used to never have an issue at Panera. My last "rapid delivery" order was 6-8 minutes late. I asked my husband to double check the "no onions" on my salad...which had he waited for them to remake. His "sandwich" was supposed to have the horseradish sauce on the side and no onions. The sauce was on it (he had radiation throat treatments and cant eat spicy food) so he couldn't eat it for that reason. Reason number two...I could hear the bread cracking as he took his first bite (after trying to wipe the horseradish sauce off). Couldn't eat the sandwich...but since it was mostly bread with a few small slivers of meat I guess he didn't miss out.

I always loved Panera, however, recently, I was at the Airport Rd Allentown Pa store for lunch, ordered the Pick 2, my tuna salad sandwich was all bread and very little tuna, my friend thought I just ordered bread, I returned it and they gave me a pre-measured plastic cup of tuna to add to my sandwich, plus, I had a mug of coffee that was full of coffee grounds, they made a fresh pot but I was very disappointed. The servings are definitely smaller, however, the prices are not.

Are there any plans to open a Panera in Downtown Dallas? I work there now and miss having a Panera nearby. It would be a great place for one! 150,000+ office workers, 10,000+ residents, and thousands of hotel rooms call Downtown Dallas home. Somewhere on Main St or Elm would be great!

panera bread has gone downhill since the new owners. we stopped in to buy 18 bagels assorted. they were not fresh, they were day old at least. the fresh ones were in the back. they use to throw out the bagels at night, no more, now they pawn them off on their customers, stopped in at 10:30 am to buy these bagels. guess the new owners are really squeezing the dollar

I don't see where I can send pm to

I am super sad the egg on the breakfast sandwiches has changed. I do not enjoy the folded egg nor the over easy one. Can I not just order an egg that’s fried and done in the middle?! I used to go all the time but now not so much. I no longer look forward to going to panera 😞. Can we please bring back the old breakfast sandwiches?????

Every year I buy my assistants Panera gift cards for Christmas presents & I enjoy the bonus card deal for myself. This year I was surprised to see that the bonus was not offered. I mentioned this to an employee a few days ago & she informed me that the deal was offered this past December. I'm miffed, I spent $150.00. Now I'm going to scramble to find the receipt. I did use my Panera reward # & a credit card so I'll check those too.

A whole sandwich, or pick 2, with a small soda and .99 cent cookie is now the better part of 15 bucks. Love the food, but can't afford it.

The Cape Girardeau, MO Panera is a wonderful place. The employees make an effort to see that orders are correct. They’re great! The overall manager is probably responsible for making sure that employees have good attitudes and make the food correctly. He hires happy, fun, and hard working people, and leads by example. However, he can’t fix what corporate breaks. I loathe over easy eggs. I haven’t tried the scrambled because the brioche doesn’t look great. I can get a better egg sandwich at McDonlads for a lot less money. How hard can it be to cook the eggs either over easy or well done, depending on customer choice? Fortunately, Panera still has bagels that the employees toast to order, and the coffee is good.

I really do not like the change to the scrambled egg on the ciabatta bread. I don't like scrambled eggs, it was perfect the way it was before with the whole egg UNSCRAMBLED on the ciabatta with the cheddar cheese. The Scrambled egg doesn't even come close. Also if I want an unscrambled egg on the ciabatta bread I have to spend a dollar more. That's ridiculous, I am also not a fan of the rolls that the fried eggs come on. I have been eating the sandwich for about 10+ years and I am not happy with the way the egg sandwiches are now.

Still enjoy the lunch menu options, but we were really disappointed when Panera redid the breakfast sandwiches. We don't like the new way of preparing the egg and the sandwiches choices they have. PLZ go back to your old breakfast menu!

Why are my rewards so lackluster? It used to be that every few rewards or so I got a free pick two or main dish. Now it's usually a dollar off a beverage or a dollar off a pick two. For the amount of money I spend on a meal each time (usually 10-12 bucks) you'd think I'd get something substantial every once in a while. Something to consider!

Got two cookies from Panera Bread today they were both hard as a rock don't get me wrong I like Panera Bread they do have really good food had a craving for a cookie bought two of them they were unsatisfactory

I just picked up the order I placed an order online at the Rosenberg, TX location. I paid $15 for a cup of soup (chicken and wild rice) that was cold and the only thing visible besides the broth were a few slivers of carrots. Do you grind up the chick and rice? Ugggh! The turkey and avocado sandwich had absolutely no taste! I will never go back to another Panera Bread!

So we went to Panera to grab a quick light breakfast on Friday morning. I ordered the four cheese souffle. There were two in the case when I ordered. Instead of going to get my souffle, the cashier stood there quizzing me about whether or not I was related to everyone she has ever met or heard of who shares my last name. By the time she gave that up (I knew none of them), the souffles had been taken out. She offered me a meat choice. (Hint Panera: on Fridays during Lent make more vegetarian ones than meat ones--veg ones were out, meat ones were all sitting at 10 a.m). I explained that I don't eat meat on lenten Fridays. She offered me an egg & cheese breakfast sandwich instead. I agreed. I got the absolute worst breakfast sandwich I've ever had to choke down in my life: slightly warmed (certainly not toasted) ciabatta bread, a clump of scrambled egg, and two pieces of bland cheese that were each about 2.5" x 1" and actually overlapping--so I got cheese in about three bites. We won't get a quick breakfast there again.

Hey Panera, I ordered a salad with cheese on the side... And guess what? Not only was there mold in my cheese, but what also appeared to be a maggot! I still have the pictures and wouldn't mind sharing.

Went to Panera Bread in Mooresville, NC for dinner and they were out of baguette bread at 7:12. How is that even possible at a bakery? They were also out of clam chowder soup and butter. Dinner was just not the same. #panerafail #verydisappointed #panerabread

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6 months ago

Panera Bread

It’s been a busy week! Catch Ron on CNBC talking about all the big changes happening at Panera Bread. ... See MoreSee Less


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Can you change the amount of veggies you put in your Mediterranean veggie “sandwich” please. This is the joke of a sandwich I received for $10 yesterday! 😡🤬

This is disgusting, I ordered at drive thru and my salad box wasn't even 1/2 full. Out of bread bowls at 6:30 in the evening also! Kokomo Indiana location😡😡😡😡

Definitely noticing a trend in these comments! Today we ordered the Italian sandwich expecting the first picture and instead receiving the second! Guess Panera is succumbing to the stereotypical fast food chains mentality- sacrificing quality of food for quantity of stores

You should be ashamed of yourselves...ripping people off with the prices you charge for a measley 2 slices of bread.!!! Lost a customer !!

Over 7 bucks for Thisbe TINY salad and they DID NOT PUT CHICKEN IN IT. Seriously, what’s the problem?!

Tell the CEO about this location 5300 Lankershim Blvd North Hollywood, CA 91601 United States I go there this morning to have a Coffee and Pastry to read morning news. The Tables are just FILTHY!! I kindly ask the lady wiping down tables near me to wipe off a table down so I could sit down she completely ignores me and i repeatedly asked her to do it she continues to ignore me her name was Maria. Then five minutes pass so I do it myself, simple problem solved. I see her again she tells me to talk to a Manager? Really?? So i have to go talk to a Manager now just to get a simple table wiped down?? So the Manager comes out and says I am Miguel Hernandez i tell him what the problem is, he can barely speak English and He is telling me now to go up to the Front next time by the registers and find a Manager to have your table wiped down??? 🙆🏻‍♂️😲🤔 So I say to him that is ridiculous! Then he tells me because sometimes people are scary ?? I tell him wow your patrons are so scary They come here pay for their food and would like a nice place free of filth to sit down and eat. So scary lol! These people have a three star rating on Yelp for a reason just a horrible location with horrible people with the absolute worst customer service skills in the world that work here.

What a joke Panera "customer service" is. I sent in a complaint to Panera about a manager's behavior and received an automated email that I would be contacted by a Customer Care Specialist "soon." Four days later I received an automated survey to provide feedback on my experience with the Customer Care Specialist. NO ONE contacted me! So you can imagine what my response was to their survey. LOL.

I love Panera. However, the location I go to is convenient but, every time I go there my order is ALWAYS wrong. Doesn’t matter if I dine in or carry out or what I order or what time of day it is. I’ve been promised a card in the mail and never get it.

I sure hope Ron fixes the portion sizes!!!! I'm so dissappointed...... I could go to Corner Bakery for all of this mess & my cookies were hard as rocks to put the icing on the cake!!!!

Worst manager in north Babylon Long Island !!! He snatches a paper off my 3yr old hands yelled at her !!! He should definitely be fired !! They definitely lost me as a customer!!! Very disappointed

This was las night at the Panera Bread on Goldstar Blv., Worcester, MA. There were flies alll over the pastries.. gross!!!

I went through your drive thru (Avon Indiana) and ordered a Chicken Ceaser salad about a month ago. When I returned home my order was wrong. I called your store and spoke with a female who took my name and said next time I was in I would be given another salad complimentary . Yesterday I came to your store(drive thru) to receive my salad and was told that "you don't do that anymore" and "who told me that" and " you only have 2 weeks" by your obnoxious drive thru girl who couldn't even talk to me because she was constantly talking to her coworkers. I've always liked Panera Bread but I will no longer give any of my money to your company due to bad service and rude employee. You made my order wrong and you couldn't even make it right, so basically I wasted my money. I'll take my Money down the road to Chick-fil-A where it's cheaper and they have awesome customer service.

Why are you adding additional costs not shown on the receipt for purchases? How does this add up? What type of math does your computer system use?

just horrable . in wellington , florida last night . Really ??? could not eat my 5ake home dinner .. 🙁 they have gone down hill

One of the changes that Penera bread needs to make should be the people hired as employees of their company! Some of their staff are very rude and disrespectful ! I was a faithful customer of Panera bread ! Since my encounter with a manager at the Panera bread location One of the changes that Panera bread needs to make should be the people hired as employees of their company! Some of their staff are very rude and disrespectful ! I was a faithful customer of Panera bread ! Since my encounter with a manager at the Panera bread location One of the changes that Penera bread needs to make should be the people hired as employees of their company! Some of their staff are very rude and disrespectful ! I was a faithful customer of Panera bread ! Since my encounter with a manager at the Panera bread location One of the changes that Penera bread needs to make should be the people hired as employees of their company! Some of their staff are very rude and disrespectful ! I was a faithful customer of Panera bread ! Since my encounter with a manager at the Panera bread location 689 Howe ave cuyahoga Falls Ohio 44221! I will never spend my money with Panera again

My panera soup had two pieces of what appears to be plastic in it. Totally ruined my lunch. I am a big fan of Panera bakery stores, especially the soup, so i decided to try the pre-package soup i found at BJ wholesale, but turned off by my find. Quality Control needs some improvement. 🤮 .

How about changing the way you make your grilled cheese sandwiches? Was this a joke? About 6 shreds of cheese on the sandwich.

I sent a customer comment on Wednesday and never heard back. I usually love Panera....but this week I went to the drive thru and received this. Tasted terrible and ended up throwing half of it out. I shouldn't have to pay money for food that tastes/looks like this.

I love Panera but had a very bad experience with them. This is what my salad looked like and my sandwich looked worst. I called the store and the manager did say they would replace my meal but the thought of someone not caring and knew I wouldn’t be able to bring it back that night because the store had closed is a big turn-off.

I haven’t been in for a long time because I haven’t been impressed with the changes and I came in today and was justified in staying away. I ordered a lemonade. I assumed I would get a traditional lemonade. I was given something with agave in it. I cannot consume agave because of a medical condition. You’re not doing any favors by not disclosing up front. I went back to the counter to ask about it and was dismissed with “This is regular lemonade” when I said I cannot drink it because of the agave so I asked them to throw out the drink and give me the cup back so I could get water I was just given a new cup. Now I didn’t ask for a refund for something I didn’t consume so maybe it’s my mistake for not asking but it should have been offered. This is the Last time I will come in unless someone else is buying.

Hey Panera Bread, why are you charging me 6.7% sales tax on my order when it’s 5% sales tax in my community. That would be called fraud...

I placed an online order and for the 5th time in a row something was forgot from my order. I placed my order at the panera bread in Fontana on Summit Ave and I have called the number 909-646-9900 for over half an hour now and nobody answers it just keeps ringing and then goes dead. I ordered a large mac n cheese and never received it. I don't know who runs this place but it doesn't seem too difficult to train employees to check off the receipt as you put the order in the bag and I am not exaggerating they forget something every single time I even told my wife to check the order and of course she didn't I would never recommend the Fontana store for pick-up ever and they don't answer the phone so good luck voicing any concerns or even communicating that they forgot an item again

Do the big changes include not serving your customers rotten apples? Because this is the Apple they gave my gf with her meal today. 🤢😡

I ordered a Broccoli Cheddar bread bowl for Rapid Pick Up. The receipt stated "1 Broccoli SD". I get home and it's chicken noodle soup. I tried finding a contact number or email on the Panera Bread bread website but cannot find one.

is there a way to recieve a penera card now .. they were out when i went w. receipt after purchase. of course.. so what now ..

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7 months ago

Panera Bread

The seasons may change but our love for hot soup won’t. ... See MoreSee Less


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More vegan options, please! Better for health, the environment and, of course, the animals used and abused by the food industry. Thank you!

Soup when it came to my table 3/4 of the way empty. Inquired and was told for $5.49 this is what you get. Never again! Total rip off!

Your prices skyrocketed. My spouse and I would eat here 1-2 twice a week. Last time we came, we paid $43 for two sandwitches, two drinks and two soups. WOW! You are not a restaurant. Your prices are off the roof. Eating clean doesn’t justify Cheesecake Factory billing. Will find other places to eat.

Why am I being asked to tip? I have to get my own drink, utensils, and half the time my to go order is not correct. Are your employees being paid server wages or minimum wage?

I'm pretty sure the Broccoli Cheddar bowl I ordered to go just now was not a bowl but a cup. It was pretty small and fit I to your smallest paper bag. I use to love Panera Bread, but every time I order to go it seems smaller.

not a pretty sight and was around $9 .and not anywhere near enough to eat the portion of so tiny, if I had looked in the bag before I left I would have returned it. Never again. I use to love Panera.

Just got back from Panera at Arrowhead Towne Center.I ordered my sandwich and a cookie. Looking down to pay I couldn't help but notice the front counter was filthy. Dust that was days old, jelly, water rings and lots of crumbs.I told the gurl and her ansewer was a manager would come and clean it! I waited too long for my sandwich and she told them to hurry up. I take my bag and go to get a table and there is no cookie in my bag I paid for.I went back and got my cookie. I sit down to eat and it is obvious why I waited. My flat bread sandwich was burnt.I left. I will never go back to that location again.

Be careful! These “fresh” hot soups seem to come out of a bag and not watched very closely. Found this in my soup today 😩😷

My request for ingredients in some items was denied. I can't eat preservatives, artificial colors, nitrates, the list goes on. I thought a socially conscious restaurant will fully disclose. They are only willing to tell me general ingredients and nutrition information. I'm smelling preservatives! Chipotle discloses everything you're eating, time to trade restaurants.

I love panera bread but I have a complaint to make. I live under 2 miles from my Panera bread but wont delivery to me. So I was playing around and a address that is about 10 miles away and they have to drive through my area will delivery to that address but not mine. Really Panera bread.This make no sense who comes up with this. Its not like you are delivery hot food! Glade pizza delivery companies dont use this system or I would never get a pizza.So the house next door they will come and delivery. Should ask my neighbor to have it delivery and I will pick it up. Here is map of the delivery map. They even cut and encircle a area from delivering.

When are you guys bringing back the black bean soup? (It's the only soup on the menu I can have)

Wish I could’ve enjoyed my squash soup...instead mine was delivered with some extra garnish.

Just got home with my bowl of cream of "chicken" and wild rice soup. If I hadn't had it before I wouldn't even know it's supposed to be a chicken soup. There's practically no chicken in it. There were two or three minuscule, not even a bite pieces. They're like the same size as the wild rice. Wtf? Oh and took a video of you want to see. I hunted for like a minute to find just those pieces.

Just paid 5.49 in Henrietta NY for 1/8th of a bowl of soup 🙄 Soup is good, but just a tease. Not happy.

I am a huge fan of Panera Bread, but you guys have changed so much and it's not for the better. You changed the chicken salad, (yuck grapes and nuts) you want good chicken salad, stick with your original recipe (spicy and zesty) and offer the option of grapes, nuts or cranberries as a mix in. Today... today, i think has been my least favorite change, your french onion soup smells like hospital food, and tastes like a beef barley with too many onions. YUCK Lets get back to some of the old favorites.

Grabbed a sierra turkey sandwich to go today from the Bethel Rd. location today in Columbus, OH. Not only was the sandwich missing the chipotle mayo on the sandwich but the half of the lettuce was browning as well. Wish I would have gotten my receipt to help address the issue.

Panera use to be delicious, but has really declined here in Springfield Mo. way over priced for servings, service and quality. Wasn’t always that way, it’s really too bad.

Mac and cheese with a black hair in I‎t at the Panera in Surprise AZ! Disgusting! The girl in the drive through was also super rude! You can keep your hot hairy soups to yourself.

In the past, you've had a variety of broth bowls such as the Wonton Bowl and the Chicken Sacchetini bowl. Are there any plans for either to be added back anytime soon?

Be careful eating here I got an Italian sandwich bit into something that resembles a little Stone and ended up hurting my tooth. I saved whatever it was and I still have to go to the dentist and make sure it didn't cause any fracture or anything but I did contact Panera and they just swept under the rug and didn't contact me back

Is your soup the same soup in the grocery store that says Panera potato soup

Took my son the have Chicken noodle soup for dinner . We got a cup of soup inside a bowl and was charged almost $8 for it .

Panera Bread .. Sure wish that the black bean soup was on the winter menu (we're vegan .. so although the squash soup looks good, I'll pass on it)

Truly a sad state of affairs... I am on the road A LOT for work. I averaged eating at Panera 8/10 times a week (always lunch and sometimes dinner). They have totally gone downhill... Service used to be great (no more). Food used to be consistent (no more). Every time I go in, they are “out” of something that I’ve ordered. They have several items on the menu that they no longer serve. This used to be my “safe place”. Haha! No longer... Panera is officially off my list. Sad because I LOVED them before! Healthy and friendly... now I have to go back to bull$hit Chick-fil-a. Food is bad but, at least they’re friendly and consistent with food and menu items. I will miss you, Panera! (I hate breakups)

Panera Bread, do you typically return customer complaint emails? I sent one 2 days ago (via your website's online form) after a terrible experience I had recently (yes, regarding soup & more) and I have yet to hear anything back 😣

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7 months ago

Panera Bread

Pumpkin picking and apple pie baking...but first, coffee. ... See MoreSee Less


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Very dissatisfied. i am vegan, and ordered a sandwich without feta. We waited over 20 minutes for a salad and sandwich, but it came to the table piled with feta cheese. Had we not waited so long, they could’ve remade it, but I wasn’t going to wait another 20 minutes. Left very disappointed. May not be back.

Boo, open at 6:30am but don't serve soup until 11? Can you put that on your menu or on the door. Drove out of my way for heartbreak 🙁

Went to our local Panera last night around 8:30pm, looking forward to some amazing broccoli cheddar soup (honestly that's the only reason we go to Panera...), go through the drive-thru to order and are told that they are out of broccoli cheddar soup... Okay. We can try something else. So my husband and I each choose a different soup, he picks the french onion (it had no cheese -- what kind of french onion soup comes without cheese?!). I ask at the window to make sure we get bread instead of chips, because we love the bread and I was thinking how wonderful it would be with the turkey chili I was about to try... "sorry, we're out of bread". This happens a lot. Okay, whatever. My husband also ordered a steak & white cheddar panini -- guess what?! They were out of the bread it normally comes on and had to replace it with white bread. Lesson learned. Don't go to Panera within 2 hours of closing time.

My nephews grilled cheese from Panera. $6 and cheese not even melted right and bread not even toasted.

I was at Panera's yesterday and was disappointed that there was no vegan option for soup. I know everyone is not vegan, but do you realize how many more customers you would have if you offered a few more vegan options? The vegan community passes information around like wildfire.

We live in la grange park illinois and my daughter went to our village's annual trick-or-treat event which visits the retailers of our small community. The village market where your store is located participated in this Halloween trolley event for children. My eight-year-old took a special walk down to your store and nothing was offered to the trick-or-treaters. I feel bad for the stores lack of involvement in the community. My 8 year old will remember.

Not happy with the new layout with the Gainesville, GA shop. The menu is complicated enough and you want customers to use that little tablets to place their own orders. Not liking this at all. You may have lost a customer.

Since when do you charge $6 for a half cup of soup?? Thisis what I received with my pickup order. How disappointing.

how come i can't find hazelnut cream cheese in the online ordering anymore, along with the roasted veggie spread?

When is panera going to have kids size on all menu items? I saw it advertised that this is available now but the lady at the Boca Raton, FL location didn't know anything about it

Here was mine after I specifically said no whipped cream

It's odd that this comes up at the Perfect Time, I just so happens to be sitting in a Panera Bread at Cafe #1685 Arlington, VA 10/18/2017 check #169211 9:15;32 AM order #111 right now trying to Read my Bible and get some Typing done on a Book that I've been Working on about some Black Man who comes out of a coma and thinks that he's allowed to Travel around a Country that he assume to be that of his own, yet it would seem as if some of the most childish individuals which originally brought me out to Washington DC area after he'd already been Traveling elsewhere around the Country, now my issue is, "How the Hell is like Everybody in the DC Metropolitan area super LGBTQueens out or All for some reason feel that they've got to Annoy believing Everything that these same individuals and others literally have been Running with and saying to Harass the Hell out me, but then seemed so surprised at the fact that I'm Not from this area of this "Country" No Matter what Gossip Rumors and Lies some use to keep a Brother Broken and Down

Wish the coffee were stronger. Used to be my regular routine to get coffee and bagel every morning, then someone decided to water down the coffee. I rarely go, anymore. Man, i miss those cinnamon crunch bagels, though.

On my receipt it says Accuracy Matters, your order should be correct every time, and if not, we'll fix it right away! Wrong!! First it took a hour to deliver when it said 30 minutes and then the order was wrong. Called and finally got through after being disconnected twice, manager was very rude & not willing to do anything regarding the order being wrong. Sooo dissastisfied & this isn't the first time with this location!!

Ordered turkey bacon avocado sammy,,,,this is what the tomato looked like beside a real tomato,,,,the avacado was rock hard,,,,the tomato soup was delicious

Delicious food. Great service. Left my purse there at 8:30. Reported it lost to Kaliegh on Jackson Rd. Ann Arbor and picked up my purse on my return a few hours later. Kaleigh refused a much-deserved reward. Thank you, Kaleigh!

Panera is my favorite place to hang out-drink a tea latte- and always have the soups

I love Panera Bread. However, please hire more Customer Reps to answer phones. I need to have maintenance completed by replacing my card and I see it cant be done on the internet anymore. I have been on hold for customer service for at least 20 minutes and still, no one has answered. Either please allow customers to update their own account information, allow for it to be completed in store or online. Things change and it helps to be able to get my information updated. still havent spoken to anyone at Panera Bread yet to update this!

On October 21st my husband and I had lunch at one of your restaurants in St. Louis. Something went wrong with the card reader and they swiped our card twice. The following Monday I noticed 3 identical charges in our bank account. I called Panera customer service who said to wait and see if the charges dropped off. Well, one of them did but that still left me with 2 charges of $24.65 for the same meal. I wasn't upset at all when I called and was told that they would send the issue on to the finance department and get back to me. However, I became increasingly upset as days and then weeks passed without any resolution. I called again and was told it would take 45 days - FORTY FIVE DAYS to fix an issue that was YOUR fault!! Well, it's been over 45 days and I still don't have my money back. It's not about $25 honestly, it's about integrity - if there is an issue that is your fault, you should do everything you can to fix it in a timely manner. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and will NEVER be eating at one of your restaurants again (and I used to be a frequent customer). I will be advising family and friends not to go, either. Sincerely, a former customer.

I order your egg white spinach sandwich to go most mornings at the Washington, DC location on 20th St NW, and there's always something wrong. Take today for instance.. it's an egg white spinach sandwich (no cheese, add aioli and onion).. it should have egg whites! What's an egg white spinach sandwich without egg whites? Terrible, that's what.

I ordered my salad online, came in , grabbed it and went back to work . When I got back i realized it had no avocado on it , which I paid for . I didn’t have to time to go back because I was on my lunch break . I’m just disappointed because I paid for it

I wish that Panera would make their soups with much less sodium. I can't enjoy their soups anymore, because I am watching my sodium intake. My choices of menu items are also very limited. I wish they would cut back on sodium, so many of us can eat them again!

In one of the Panera’s by me, I overheard someone telling the coffee guy just change the time on the chalkboard don’t bother making a fresh pot.. it’s what they want us to do! Umm nice!

.... when Panera promised you a 25$ gift card and sends you a 10$ gift card ... now that's the definition of petty 😉

I was at panera yesterday Panera Grand Rapids Michigan At Knapp corner Terrible customer service & is not the first time for me Feel sorry for some employees that are nice and try to do their best But Administration is terrible Plus For some reason Cashiers charge for item you do not order And when we complain managers are busy to come and face and fix situations. Customer never should leave dissatisfied Customer never should leave sad Customer never should leave mad Customer never should leave angry Customer never should leave dissapointed Customer should be respectful! I order a you pick too Knowing perfectly the real price Order Autumn Squash soup and “Chipotle sandwich “ I specifically say if bread can be replace with a bagel? I chose Asiago bagel Cashier never say anything I get charged over the price of “ you pick two” Cashier charge me for the bread I don’t event see it my plate because was replace by my Choice of bagel, she even charge me for bagel too (supposedly replace of the bread for sandwich) No problem to pay extra Just need to clarify with customer And when I told one of the associates working there and try to tell manager Manager send the message that she was busy to come out and take care property and respectfully the situation. Now, you advertise that you have a nice environment Really?

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8 months ago

Panera Bread

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Thanks a lot Panera, for getting rid of every dairy free soup again. Now I have no reason to come here for months. I'm so angry that I wasted my gas to drive here.

I often see your commercials for your new good - clean menu, gotta be honest here, I think your food tasted much better when it was dirty, at least it had flavor, just sayin 🙁

Went to our Panera in Orland Park, Il today and was told we can no longer get our eggs done hard for the breakfast sandwiches. We've been getting these for years and now they tell me it's either scrambled or runny. No thanks. I'll go elsewhere.

I ordered a Peach Blueberry smoothie in Burlington, NC, Cafe 4989, I specifically asked the drive thru associate not to include almond milk because I have a severe nut allergy. I drive off, take a sip, and my tongue starts to tingle. I returned to Panera, asked one of the cashiers to check if my smoothie was made with almond milk, and to my horror it was. The cashier immediately took my smoothie and made a new one, almond milk free. The manger came out, handed me the smoothie, and stated "Here you go". No sense of remorse or concern of how bad this situation could have ended for me and Panera Bread. I did have my Epi-Pen on me, and thankfully didn't have to use it. Panera Bread has failed to create policies and require training for both associates and management when it comes to customers with food allergies. I needed to share this in hopes that Panera Bread makes changes immediately and to warn all customers with food allergies that Panera Bread has dropped the ball. There is no room for error when it comes to someones life.

my family and I have frequented Panera since it first opened (Colerain Avenue Cincinnati Ohio) everything was still over-the-top ... However, the last couple times we visited ... unfortunately Big disappontments... The French Onion Soup was a paltry, watered down broth / the cheese on top ... literally non-existent ... ?? and our salads left something to be desired - okay - we just thought of it as a 'bad day' Back two weeks later - Broccoli - Cheese soup and a salad - the soup was 'okay' the salad again ... dressing was sparse and not tasty and my request for no nuts etc. was not honored - I picked thru it ... we will try again - however, as that old saying goes ....................................THE THIRD TIME IS THE CHARM .......

Dear Panera, My mother is not pleased with your rewards program. She used to visit you guys all the time, but she feels shafted ( #shaftedbypanera )because she has never received a month of bagels. My dad on the other hand has received it twice - and she's the bigger fan of you guys! Is there anyway to ensure that my mother gets her months worth of bagels? She would really, really appreciate it! Thanks! -a concerned daughter

We had a chicken salad croissant in Pace,FL and it had maybe 2 tablespoons of chicken salad on it. Very disappointed.

Just left Panera at 6307 York rd, Baltimore, Md. Told the manager about multiple roaches crawling in our eating area. She looked and walked away did not close off the area or do anything to rid the customers of the roaches.

The Panera Bread location in Blacklick Ohio has the absolute worst customer service. The girls at the counter have the worst attitudes. I had a problem at this location yesterday decided to try again today, same nasty attitudes today. I dont care how close and convenient this location is, I will never patronize this location again. Where do you get these people from?

we just went to the new hazleton pa panera, the soup and salad was ok.. hoagie had only 2 thin slices of cold cuts, peanut butter and jelly sandwich had no jelly in it, you just lost alot of customers in our family

My daughter has been trying to call corporate to re-write a messed up salary check non-stop and cannot get anyone to answer her or call her back. She was giving a name/number and has called at least 50 times.

your website wont let me sign up with a rewards card

An email I just sent: "Hello again. I'm tagging on to this previous ticket rather than open up a new one on your website. Since this email exchange of roughly a week ago, we decided at least an hour's time should be good enough to order online and expect to have souffles available upon pickup. It worked once, and when we went in there were plenty available, almost like someone had taken some criticism to heart and was more on top of things. Well, once was apparently a lucky time. This morning, we actually ordered 90 minutes ahead of time. When he showed up, there was not even one souffle. To sum up: We are now done trying, and will simply not go to Panera anymore. So if you feel like letting that particular place know they've lost you two regular customers who would be there more than once a week normally, that'd be fine with me." (I don't know *what* the problem there is, or if this is more universal with souffles, but we cannot seem to get them more often than not, even when we order online more than an hour ahead of time. One employee there actually told us he wished they weren't on the menu because "so many people want them". What?? And today's statement, when asked why the 90-minutes-ahead order was evidently not enough advance time? The person at the counter just said "I told 'em!" *shrug* We're done.)

Just bought.

Missing the BBQ chicken salad—any chance we can get that back?

Had a bad experience with Panera catering. Management did not care in the least.

How does panera get away with serving such!!!!

Hey Panera, why do your baguettes not taste like they used to? Is it because you were trying to cheat by pushing everyone to start eating your "dinner rolls"? And when that didn't work you just went ahead and switched the baguette recipe to be a not naturally leavened bread, so that you wouldn't have to hire people that know what baking is? Your marketing is great, but we see through it. Your bread has gone down hill, you have portion control to the point we all feel we're being ripped off, and surviving off the fact that you're a healthier alternative to standard fast food. That'll last for a while, but to be frank your food is getting worse and worse and you will lose enough customers that you drive your business into the ground. Time to fire the Harvard types that are ruining your business. But I digress, because I'll just be written off. Good luck.

Quality control??? A friend brought this for dinner and look what we found when we opened the bag!

Update. it was a "Cosi" I was just basically sexually assalted by a worker at the 31th street and park location new York city. She came into the bathroom right behind me and touched my back and started raising her voice telling me I couldn't use the bathroom. She was inside the bathroom with me at this point and I was completely off guard and almost urnating on took my complaint but I feel so violated.

Dear Panera, Seems like a lot of customers are not happy with your product or services. It does not take reading many of the comments to realize it is a Management Problem. Just saying. Here is my problem. You have give cards out there with the 19 digit card number with no PIN. I can't use it to order online and I can't check the balance on your website or with the useless 877 customer service number. I haver to go to an actual location to check the balance? Are you kidding me? In the age of technology, you expect me to actually visit one of your locations just to check the balance on a gift card? How could you put out a product that you know will aggrevate, frustrate and totally ruin the chance of satisfactory dining experience? It will give me much more satisfaction just to throw away a perfectly good gift card.

Can U post your menu ?

I was at your lake forest location and the middle aged manager was yelling at and criticizing the employee---humiliating him in public. I came very close to yelling at the manager...I was so upset by how he treated the young employee

Panera Bread in Centerville Ohio served me a Fuji Apple Salad with a dead fly stuck on one of the apples. Used to be my favorite lunch place. Will not be stopping there again. Your ad about having clean food is not a true statement.

I was at panera yesterday Panera Grand Rapids Michigan At Knapp corner Terrible customer service & is not the first time for me Feel sorry for some employees that are nice and try to do their best But Administration is terrible Plus For some reason Cashiers charge for item you do not order And when we complain managers are busy to come and face and fix situations. Customer never should leave dissatisfied Customer never should leave sad Customer never should leave mad Customer never should leave angry Customer never should leave dissapointed Customer should be respectful! I order a you pick too Knowing perfectly the real price Order Autumn Squash soup and “Chipotle sandwich “ I specifically say if bread can be replace with a bagel? I chose Asiago bagel Cashier never say anything I get charged over the price of “ you pick two” Cashier charge me for the bread I don’t event see it my plate because was replace by my Choice of bagel, she even charge me for bagel too (supposedly replace of the bread for sandwich) No problem to pay extra Just need to clarify with customer And when I told one of the associates working there and try to tell manager Manager send the message that she was busy to come out and take care property and respectfully the situation. Now, you advertise that you have a nice environment Really?

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